Nistka: the art of the t-shirt

Nistka: the art of the t-shirt

Great art doesn't always translate into great design. Imagine if you will Picasso or Basquiat or even Jeff Koons. There is an invisible line that separates art from design. It has to do with wearability and use, as opposed to expression in the case of fine art, which is independent and void of any practical use.  

In the broadest of terms, one can say that fundamentally Design addresses use and Art addresses expression. (at times, not even that)

Design at a fundamental level is concerned with 'making'.  Which leads to the question: is making love art design or both, or neither? Just kidding love is everything!

A unique design T-Shirt can enhance and compliment who you are. A  design Tee doesn't make you into a walking billboard, and if you are that's great too. 

I have been designing clothing, T-Shirts, and accessories for a long time just as long as I have been making art, and had some really cool people wear them... Born from the Streets, Popular Culture and a sense of Credo  Nistka + Me designs will become hopefully an extension of your own personality... 

No BS logos no High Art Struggle, Just a cool vibe that invites admiration and respect...And remember laugh, love life and be yourself.

Peace and Love. Nistka.

drop me a note and send me a photo we'll post it.

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