Kevin Freeman


"Pet Sounds" Photo Montage 2018, Nistka.

It's a scrapbook really, says Nistka, we are having coffee at Mi Tierra a coffee house in Echo Park. I have had this idea of publishing a sort of diary that would bring together life events, writings, designs, photographs, art and whatever I have worked on for the last 3 decades.... in a limited edition.

What about the title of the book? I don't know it just popped into my head I was getting ready for my weekly 12k run-hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, and I just thought of it, I realized that the domain was available, so I went for it...I guess I have been wearing Nikes for over twenty years and my knees haven't given out that's as good a reason as could have been called rotten pun intended.

The theme of the conversation swiftly moves to new technology and the influence it has on art and design.

...I mean in the end it is all about personal taste, today really there are no boundaries, we have every option at our fingertips, we can reinvent, reinterpret, mashup, sample and recreate. I think absolute creation is difficult to achieve, everything I come up with had a previous existence in an alternate world, somewhere between the past and the present, the future is always unattainable we can think about it but it really doesn't follow anyone's expectations. We just think it does at times.

You can view this book, as a record-keeping instrument of my life journey says the artist in residence, as well as,  a giant coaster for your coffee can pre-order a copy by writing to or through


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